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Attention Should Be Paid To Tightness Control When Installing Hydraulic Transition Joint

点击数:853  发布日期:2019-09-20

The realization of optimal application of hydraulic transition joints requires that we ensure that the product has a very tight installation effect and that the connection is very strong and reliable. However, we should also remind you that the requirement for joint to have a tightening effect does not mean that it should be constantly tightened when installed, which may also lead to joint damage.

Therefore, when installing hydraulic transition joints, it is important to pay attention to tightness control and ensure that the tightness is appropriate. Whether the installation is too loose or the tightening operation is too much, it will cause adverse effects. If the joint is not tightened enough, resulting in loose installation, then the joint will inevitably not be strong enough, but also there will be leakage problems, which will cause great adverse effects, will affect the use of the entire equipment system.

When installing hydraulic transition joints, excessive tightening may result from too many tightening operations, which may cause the joints to be damaged under the great external force. This is not only not conducive to the joint to achieve a firm tightening state, but also may damage the joint, leading to its failure to continue to use normally, so as to make it for everyone. Loss.

Therefore, when installing hydraulic transition joint, we need to pay attention to control the tightness, not only to ensure that the installation is tight enough, but also to avoid excessive tightening operation.

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