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Transition Joint Manufacturer Introduces Battery Lead Joint

点击数:1546  发布日期:2019-04-25

The transition joint manufacturer introduces the lead joint of the storage battery. If the battery power is enough, clay is used as the die of the battery joint at the break joint. A conductor is used to connect the good electrode of the battery at one end and a carbon rod at the other end. The positive electrode in the carbon dry battery can be obtained by dismantling the waste battery.

Then contact the carbon rod to the damaged electrode, the carbon rod will heat and melt the lead electrode. When the lead is insufficient, some broken lead can be added. When the melted lead fills the mold space, the heating will stop. After cooling, the new electrode joint will be repaired and drilled. Transition joint manufacturer tells us that if the battery power is insufficient and lead electrode joint can not be heated and melted effectively, another battery with sufficient power can be found to operate according to the above method and repair the electrode joint.

Transition joint manufacturer tells us that attention should be paid to the height of battery liquid during maintenance and inspection. If there is too much battery liquid, it will easily overflow and corrode the car body, and if there is too little battery liquid, it will not be able to fully exert its power. If the battery toon has white corrosion powder, clean and wipe it with hot water, then add a layer of butter to reduce the corrosion. Make sure the battery is reliable. Try not to recharge after running out of electricity, otherwise it will reduce the battery life.

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