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Leakage Prevention of Hydraulic Transition Joint at Joint

点击数:448  发布日期:2019-09-20

Whether hydraulic transition joints or other pipeline joints, their greatest role is to connect the pipeline and pipeline. Since there are connections, there are excuses, which can not fully guarantee that the pipeline connection will not leak, which requires people to prevent in advance.

In fact, it is not only the hydraulic transition joints, but also the metal pipe joints and hose joints in the hydraulic system have leakage problems. For the jacketed pipe joints, most of them are leaked because the pipe is subjected to larger external force or impact force, which makes the jacket loose or the end surface of the pipe deformed. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the jacket is out of circle or the edge. Whether there is defect or not, whether the end of the pipe is intact, and the degree of compression of the jacket nut, etc. For flared pipe joints, most of them are leaked due to flaring deformation or cracks due to excessive flaring. At this time, the front end can be truncated and flared again.

There are also some hydraulic transition joints and other joints which are sealed by the end face or outer diameter of the Leakage is caused by insufficient elastic deformation and leakage is caused by too deep groove of "" ring stop. Therefore, it is necessary to re-select the "" ring with the same outer diameter and thicker cross section. No matter what the material is, the seal should be checked for damage, deformation, aging and excessive roughness, and then appropriate measures should be taken.

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