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Hydraulic Transition Joint What is the Popular Science Groove Mechanical Joint

点击数:499  发布日期:2019-09-20

With the development of industry, joints have been widely used, whether hydraulic transition joints or other common joints are widely used in industry. For the application of some grooved mechanical joints, many people may not understand, or even completely do not know what, Lotus Leaf Duck Transition Joint is just a kind of joint.

Why is it a kind of joint like hydraulic transition joint? Because groove connection pipe fittings include two kinds of products: rigid joint, flexible joint, mechanical tee and groove flange, elbow, tee, four-way, different diameter pipe, blind plate and so on.

Unlike the hydraulic transition joint, the groove connection pipe which plays the role of connecting and sealing mainly consists of three parts: sealing rubber ring, clamp and locking bolt. The rubber sealing ring located in the inner layer is placed on the outer side of the connecting pipe, which coincides with the pre-rolled groove. Then the clamp is fastened on the outer part of the rubber ring, and then fastened with two bolts. Because the rubber sealing ring and clamp adopt special sealing structure design, the groove connection has good sealing performance, and with the increase of the fluid pressure in the pipe, its sealing performance increases accordingly.

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