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Hydraulic Transition Joints Teach Users to Know General Water Pipe Joint Fittings

点击数:699  发布日期:2019-09-20

In addition to pipes, pipe fittings are one of the most important materials to be used in waterway renovation. Of course, pipe fittings also include hydraulic transition joints, such as joint fittings and fittings, which are accessory fittings to be used when changing water route, increasing water outlets and connecting joints. There are many kinds of fittings, and their names are not uniform. More than 90% of water running and leakage incidents are related to pipe fittings at the interface, so consumers should not be sloppy in choosing and purchasing.

In addition to water pipes, there are many water pipe fittings needed in waterway renovation. Like a hydraulic transition joint, there are many small parts. Many owners who are responsible for the purchase of building materials often buy the wrong varieties and models because they don't know when they need to buy water pipe fittings. So the next step is to find out what commonly used water pipe fittings are.

Its composition can be different from that of hydraulic transition joints, such as elbow, variable diameter elbow, inner and outer wire elbow, tee, variable diameter tee, inner wire joint, variable diameter inner wire joint, outer wire joint, inner and outer wire joint (core repair), cap, plug, loose joint, etc. Water pipes are water supply pipes. Modern decoration pipes are constructed with buried walls. There are three types of water pipes. The first type is metal pipes, such as hot-dip cast iron pipes, copper pipes, stainless steel pipes, etc. The second category is plastic-composite metal pipe, such as plastic-composite steel pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe and so on. The third category is plastic pipes, such as PB, PP-R.

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