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What Is The Popular Science Steel Bar Joint of Transition Joint Manufacturer?

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Transition joint is only a small joint of valve, and there are many joints in people's daily life and production. Reinforcement joint is one of them. It is a new technology of reinforcing bar connection. For example, when the length of a single reinforcing bar is not long enough, there is also a vertical reinforcing bar in the wall column, which usually has a joint in each layer, reinforcing bar. There are four main connection modes: binding lap, mechanical connection, casing grouting connection and welding.

The transition joint manufacturer tells us that the reinforcement joint should be set at the place where the force is less and the key part where the force is greater should be avoided. In seismic design, the stirrups at beam and column ends should be avoided. If the stirrups must be connected in this area, mechanical connection or welding should be adopted. It is advisable to install fewer connectors on the same reinforced bar with the same span or the same floor height, and not to install two or more connectors.

Moreover, unlike the installation of transition joints, the positions of steel bar joints should be staggered. Within the scope of joints, the percentage of steel bar area in joints should be limited to a certain range. Necessary structural measures should be taken in the reinforcing bar connection area, and transverse structural reinforcing bars or stirrups should be deployed in the overlap length range of longitudinal loaded reinforcing bars. Binding lap joints shall not be used for longitudinal reinforcement of axially tensioned and eccentrically tensioned rods.

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