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Classification of Popular Science Optical Fiber Joint Types in Transition Joint Manufacturers

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There are many different types of transition joints of popular science optical fiber connector type from transition joint manufacturers, and some other joints are the same. For example, there are many different types of optical fiber connector: FC round belt thread is used most in distribution frame, its external reinforcement is metal sleeve, and the fastening method is screw. Thread. Round threaded joints are metal joints. Metal joints can be plugged more times than plastic ones. Generally used in telecommunication networks, there is a nut screwed to the adapter.

The transition joint manufacturer also introduces ST-card circular connection, which may be the most common connection device in multimode networks (e.g. in most buildings or campus networks). It has a clamp holder and a ceramic (common) or polymer jacket with a 2.5 mm long cylinder to accommodate the entire optical fiber. SC Card Square, which is TIA-568-A standardized connector, was not widely used initially because of its high price (twice the ST price).

The lapping and polishing of PC microspheres shows that the interface of PC microspheres is physical contact, that is, the end surface is of convex arch structure. SMC type coaxial connector, SMC type coaxial connector is a small threaded radio frequency coaxial connector. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, good seismic resistance and high reliability. It is used to connect radio frequency coaxial cable in radio equipment and instruments. Transition joint manufacturer finally want to say that TNC coaxial connector TNC coaxial connector is a threaded connector type radio frequency coaxial connector. It has the characteristics of wide working frequency bandwidth, reliable connection and good seismic performance. It is especially suitable for mobile communication equipment under vibration conditions. classification

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