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Transition Joint Manufacturer Introduces Prices of Joints in Several Ways

点击数:265  发布日期:2019-09-20

There are also waterproof joints in the transition joints, which play a connecting role in water supply equipment. Waterproof joints need to be well sealed. Many brands of waterproof joints are circulating in the market. How to choose suitable waterproof joints according to requirements? Waterproof joints are divided into internal threaded joints according to different installation methods. External threaded connection, clamping connection and other ways of connection.

The function of waterproof joint of transition joint manufacturer usually has waterproof type and industrial plug. Waterproof joints, with good special material quality, self-locking function, strong tension resistance, water-proof, dust and other characteristics, do not cause damage to the motor, and in the use process does not need to disintegrate the fixed head, the cable can be directly through, time-saving and convenient, generally used in mechanical control boxes. Fixation of cables such as distribution boxes and electrical appliances. Prices generally vary from 20 yuan to 50 yuan.

Transition joint manufacturers tell you that the price of industrial plugs is different, because it has good anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance and anti-aging, usually used in large enterprises such as railways, petrochemical industry, power, steel smelting, etc. The shell color uses nylon PA66 material, with high-quality brass inserts in the middle and waterproof rubber. Rubber cushion, can use industrial waterproof joint has good waterproof, splash-proof, dust-proof effect, but also fire-proof, high temperature resistance, stable connection, output voltage between 220V-380V, current is 16A, the price is 70 yuan a group, because of its good nature, so the use of time is very long.

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