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Transition Joint Manufacturers Teach You to Distinguish Frozen Joints from Adhesive Joints

点击数:238  发布日期:2019-09-20

Everyone knows that transition joints are absolutely indispensable parts in industrial production. Although they are only of small size, their functions can not be underestimated. There are many types of joints. Besides transition joints, there are many different types, such as frozen joints and bonded joints, but many users are in the area. The connection is different.

Transition joint manufacturer tells you that special crescent gasket can be used to extrude the bolt hole of common rail joint. Insulated rail joints are formed by bonding joint splints with rails using special binders and high-strength insulating cloth. This is some knowledge of rail joints. The distinction can be judged from a number of different perspectives, of which the more obvious is that the applicable conditions are different.

Transition joint manufacturers tell you that their application conditions are different, freezing joint makes the rail end of the connection rail often in a tight state. However, unlike the former, the rail bonded insulation joint is not only suitable for the seamless track adjustment zone at the rail circuit section of the automatic block section, but also can be directly welded into the long rail strip and lay the seamless track of the super-long rail. So it seems that the latter has a wider application scope and more applications, so it seems that both of them are also applicable. There are many different places.

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