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Transition Connector Manufacturer Introduction Battery Lead Connector

点击数:1970  发布日期:2019-04-25

Transition connector manufacturers about battery lead connector, if the battery power is enough, in the broken joint made of clay battery connector mold, with a wire one end connected to the battery good electrode, the other end connected to a carbon rod, carbon dry battery positive pole is, can be obtained by dismantling waste batteries. When the carbon rod touches the damaged electrode, the carbon rod will heat up and melt the lead electrode. In this case, if the amount of lead is insufficient, some broken lead can be added. When the melted lead fills the mold space, the heating will stop. Transition joint manufacturers tell you if the battery power is insufficient, can not effectively on the lead electrode joint heating melting, can find a battery with sufficient power according to the above method, repair the electrode joint. Transition joint manufacturers tell you in the maintenance and inspection often pay attention to the height of the battery fluid, maintain between the upper and lower limits, if too much battery fluid is easy to overflow corrosion body, too little can not fully play the power. If there is white corroding powder, wash and wipe with hot water, and put on a layer of butter to reduce the degree of corrosion. Verify that the battery is strong. Try not to charge the battery after it has been drained, or it will reduce the battery life.

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